Thom Tillis campaigns in Concord

Thom Tillis campaigns in Concord

North Carolina US Senate Republican Candidate Thom Tillis was in Concord Saturday stumping for votes. He encouraged the crowd to vote early and to bring a friend to the polls. Tillis is in a close race with incumbent Senator Kay Hagan.

Tillis tells WBTV his course of action if elected. "The first item on my agenda is to make sure that Harry Reid is not reelected majority leader," Tillis said. "We need to repeal and replace Obamacare."

Tillis also shared with the crowd he would address terrorism and put the economy back on track. "We continue to falter," the candidate said. "We are not getting people back to work."

In his speech, Tillis said he believes leadership in Washington, DC is failing and argues Hagan is partly to blame. "Whether it's Ebola," Tillis said. "Whether it's ISIS, sealing our borders, whether it's our economy."

This Senate race is the most expensive in North Carolina history. It will top $100 million dollars. The race has gotten heated but Tillis believes this is not personal, it's just taking care of the people's business.

"The real difference," Tillis said. "Between Senator Hagan and I is - not that we are a good or bad person

It's really about two different visions for the country."

Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will be campaigning with Tillis next week. The General Election is November 4th.