Hillary Clinton campaigns for Senator Kay Hagan at Charlotte Convention Center

Hillary Clinton campaigns for Senator Kay Hagan at Charlotte Convention Center

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Less than two weeks from election day and the leading candidates for North Carolina's Senate seat are bringing in political star power to try and win your vote.

This week Republican Thom Tillis had Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan stump for him.

Saturday afternoon Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton came to Charlotte to throw her support behind Democratic Senator Kay Hagan.

“I can only win this election with your help,” said Senator Hagan to her supporters. A cheering crowd of about 1800 people greeted Senator Kay Hagan at the Convention Center.

“I want to make sure we build the best possible future for all of your kids and for all of our grandchildren and Hillary is here today because she knows that that future is on the line right now right here in North Carolina,” said Senator Hagan.

But the excitement to see and listen to Clinton could be felt in the room.

“It's a special privilege to be here as we're 10 days away from election,” said Hillary to the excited group.

Supporters say bringing Clinton will provide a boost in votes.

“I think it should make a difference knowing that Kay Hagan has Hillary Clinton's support is very important to the people that admire Hillary Clinton so much,” said Charlottean Eileen Paroff.

Clinton urged Democrats to vote in the midterm elections. She asked Hagan supporters to take people to the polls.

“You know elections come down often to whose got more money, whose pedaling more fear and who turns out there is nothing more important for Kay then who turns out,” said Clinton.

For Corey Mormon it was important to bring his family to the rally. “I wanted to hear what they wanted to say.”

He's been laid off several times since moving to North Carolina and believes his support for Hagan will improve the economy.

“I think she just needs to focus on her message more because Tom Tillis has been discrediting some of the things that she's stands for.”

Before the event wrapped up both Hagan and Clinton emphasized the importance of voting. Both asked everyone to bring someone to the polls.