Delve into the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra!

Delve into the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra!
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra
new Scion near Charlotte
new Scion near Charlotte
If you know your sports cars, then you definitely know the N Charlotte Toyota Supra! This Toyota is the most iconic Japanese sports car in history. Although it was discontinued in 2002, the Toyota Supra still has a huge following! It made quite the name for itself in the 23 year it was on the market. What made this Toyota sports car in N Charlotte so special? Let’s take a look at its history! 

Toyota Supra inspires the Scion FR-S in N Charlotte

We don’t have many sports cars available at our Toyota dealership in N Charlotte. However, you can find the sporty Scion FR-S! This new Scion is made with performance in mind and a sleek style. However, the N Charlotte Scion FR-S didn’t come from nowhere! It got its inspiration from Toyota sports cars of the past, including the Toyota Supra. 

It’s no wonder this new Scion would want to take cues from the Toyota Supra in N Charlotte. This Toyota was extremely stylish and performance-driven! We’re looking at how this sports car gained its reputation.

Explore the journey of this new Toyota sports car!

The Toyota Supra in N Charlotte was first introduced in 1979 in Japan. This new Toyota derived from the popular Toyota Celica, which was Toyota’s premiere sports car at the time. It was first introduced at the Toyota Celica Supra. 

  • The first generation of this Toyota sports car was made to take the Toyota Celica to a whole new in terms of performance. It sported a 2.6 liter engine that produced 110 hp. It also offers a five-speed or four-speed automatic transmission and sport-tuned suspension!
  • The first Toyota Supra was also on top when it came to innovative features. It offered some of the most high-tech features at the time, including the cruise control, power window, power locks, and eventually automatic climate control!
  • The second generation of this N Charlotte Toyota began in 1982 and it revealed a complete redesign. It went through a complete transformation with pop-up headlights, a larger body, and amped up performance! 
  • In 1983, this Toyota sports car gained its own identity when it was renamed the Toyota Supra, dropping its ties to the Toyota Celia.  Along with its new name, this new Toyota was given a brand new look with an aerodynamic shape and the option of a targa-type sports roof (also known as a T-top)!
  • The fourth generation (1993-2002) is the most infamous, as this when the Toyota Supra officially became a supercar! This Toyota supercar offered an amazing 320 hp and was the most performance-driven Toyota to ever join the lineup! 
  • Even with all of the hype around this Toyota, it was ceased production in 2002.

Many people have been speculating whether or not a new Toyota will come along to replace this iconic sports car. Although we don’t know the answer just yet, you can get the 2015 Scion FR-S at our Toyota Scion dealership today! Stop by 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville. 

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