Police release photo, search for clues after Maggie Daniels killed

Memorial planned for murdered teacher

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - A new photo has been released of a Newton teacher who was killed inside her apartment as police search for clues in her death.

Tuesday, police released a surveillance photo of Maggie Daniels inside a Conover Walmart on the afternoon of June 27, the day before she was killed. Daniels was wearing sunglasses and pink shorts.

Authorities hope people will look at the picture and try to remember if they saw her anywhere else.

"She was part of our family. We're a small district," said Dr. David Stegall, Newton-Conover superintendent. "She was much more than a teacher."

Newton Police Chief Donald Brown says the past few days of work by authorities investigating the death of Maggie Daniels has been "very productive."

"We're trying to narrow down and develop out timeline and more pinpoint where she was and our timeline for that day," Brown said.

Even so, Brown says his investigators are not at the point where someone could be charged in the death of the popular teacher.  The public's help is critical in the investigation they say.

Daniels' body was found inside her apartment on the morning of June 28th. The cause of death has not been released but investigators say it was murder.

Brown says investigators want anyone in the Newton area who has surveillance equipment at home or their place of  business to check the video from the 27th of June and the morning of the 28th.

Officials not only want to see if Daniels is in any of the video but also who may have been with her, near her, or watching her.

As the investigation continued in Newton, family and friends of Maggie Daniels attended her funeral in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the family," said the chief. "We are working day and night and hope to resolve this soon."

Stegall is holding a vigil in Daniels' honor on Wednesday afternoon.

"Her family lived in Ohio and they want to come down and meet her extended family," Stegall said. "She loved living in this area and they feel like this is their extended home. They wanted to be a part of what was going on here as well."

"There will always be great teachers. She was more than just," Stegall continued. "She was a great person, so that void is gonna be impossible to replace"

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