Charlotte auto repair
Charlotte auto repair
Toyota service in Charlotte
Toyota service in Charlotte
Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road because your car had a flat tire? Getting auto repairs in Charlotte isn't always fun, especially when it's in this kind of a situation! However, with the right tools and knowledge, you can be back on your way in no time without any stress. 
There are a lot of benefits that come from choosing to change the tire on your vehicle on your own. For starters, you don't have to waste money on a tow truck. While tow trucks are great resource to use if you're broken down on the side of the road and can't get your car to start, there's no reason you should call one right away if you know how to safely change a car tire on your own just because you have a flat. 

Along with saving money, you can also save a lot of time! Depending on far away a tow truck is, you might be stranded on the side of the road for a while if you call one. Instead of waiting, follow our advice to take care of this auto repair in Charlotte in no time at all! 
  • The first thing you'll want to do if you need to change a flat tire is make sure your vehicle is on a flat surface. This makes it safe (and easier) to jack up the car. 
  • After you're certain your ride is on a flat surface, and before you jack up the car, you can start to loosen the lugnuts. Use a lugnut wrench to get them loose, but don't take them completely off just yet. Turn the lugnut wrench counter clockwise, and don't be afraid to use all your strength! There's a good chance that these nuts are tightly secured, so it might take some effort and a minute or two to loosen them up. 
  • Once the lugnuts have been loosened, you can jack up the car. Place the jack underneath it, and make sure it's resting on a sturdy part of the frame. Changing a flat tire is a pretty simple type of auto repair, but you don't want to rush. If you do, you run the risk of hurting the car or yourself! 
  • Finally, after the car is up off the ground it's time to put on the spare tire. Take the lugnuts off and flat tire (but make sure you don't lose the lugnuts!). Take the flat tire off and put on the spare, and then use the lugnut wrench to put the lugnuts back on – try to make them as tight as possible to secure the spare!
After you have the spare on, you can start driving again. Try to visit our Toyota Service Center as soon as possible to get a new tire or to repair the flat – sometimes a patch is all that's needed! 

Give our Service Department a call at
(888) 378-1214 if you have any questions, to set up an auto repair appointment, and to learn about the different auto tires in Charlotte we have to offer!


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