High school senior kicked out of prom for wearing pants

Published: Apr. 22, 2014 at 4:27 PM EDT|Updated: May. 22, 2014 at 4:41 AM EDT
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CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - According to a senior at Cherryville High School, a pair of her red skinny jeans got her kicked out of her Senior Prom and has started a bit of a controversy at the school since.

"In a way it's kind of a slap in the face," said Shafer Rupard, a senior at the high school.

Last Saturday, Rupard and her friends went to the prom that was held at the Cherryville Golf & County Club.

After getting inside and onto the dance floor, Rupard says she was approached by a teacher and asked to leave.

"The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing," said Rupard. "I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I'll take those off and she was like no, it's the pants."

Pants Rupard's mother, Shawn McQuaige, says are perfectly acceptable red jeans.  

"It's just the way she's always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin," said McQuaige.

Rupard thinks the action to throw her out of the Senior Prom a ridiculous one and her mother agrees.

"We want to put out the message to all teenagers that you should be allowed to be yourself," said her mother.

So McQuaige said she approached school officials to get a straight answer on why her daughter was dismissed from the dance.

"We looked in the student code of conduct book and there isn't a dress code at all," said Rupard about Prom dress.

Her mother went as far as showing the school's assistant principal the Gaston Schools code of conduct and the prom invitation.

"She looked at it with me and she said you know what you're right there is no dress code here."

But she says she hasn't yet received an apology or a response from the school's principal who she emailed last week.

WBTV tried getting in touch with school officials at Cherryville High School. This week the school's students and administration are on Spring Break. 

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