Recipe: BBQ Nachos

Recipe: BBQ Nachos


This crowd-pleaser is a must have at your next March Madness viewing party. Don't worry about exact measurements. Spice it up as much as you want. The key to this simple recipe is the heat-and-serve meat that will save you hours in the kitchen. Keep it warm in a crock pot and have the cheese melted on the stove for quick and easy refills.

Servings:   6

1 bag tortilla chips

1 Tablespoon   G|Cooks Fiesta Blast Seasoning  or BBQ seasoning to taste-divided

6 ounces Pulled pork or beef or chicken-shredded

4 ounces barbecue sauce (your favorite)

4  ounces Nacho cheese sauce melted

4  ounces pickled jalapeno slices-optional

4 ounces sour cream optional

4 green onions sliced


Mound tortilla chips in a pile on a platter. Sprinkle with some seasoning.  Spread pulled pork, beef or chicken on top of chips (best is to purchase already pulled meat from BJ's Wholesale Club). Arrange the peppers around the platter the top with the bbq sauce, melted nacho cheese,   then the sour cream. Garnish with more seasoning and green onion.​

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