FULL STATEMENT: Charlotte City Council on arrest of Mayor Patrick Cannon

RAW VIDEO: Charlotte City Council speaks on mayor's arrest by FBI
Published: Mar. 27, 2014 at 2:32 AM EDT
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Statement from the Charlotte City Council

We were notified today at the same time as the public that Mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on federal charges.

The City Council is deeply disappointed to learn of the Mayor's arrest. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  His arrest came as a complete surprise to the City Council and the City Manager.  The first any of us learned about the investigation is when the FBI served a search warrant on the Mayor's Office at noon today.

The City Manager and City Attorney have spoken with the U.S. Attorney and have committed the City's full cooperation.  The City Manager has also directed that all City staff fully cooperate.

The City of Charlotte has a long history of honest government and the City Council is dedicated to preserving the City's reputation.

It is our expectation that all business of City government be conducted honestly and fairly.

While there will be extensive media attention to Mayor Cannon's arrest, it is our expectation that the City Manager and the professional staff of the City focus on providing excellent city services:  the trash will be collected, emergency calls answered, buses and trains will run, and the water will flow and sewage be treated.

Charlotte has a Council/Manager form of Government.  The Mayor's role is to preside over Council meetings and represent the City officially.  The Council is responsible for adopting laws and the budget.  The City Council and City staff will continue to serve the public with honesty, integrity, openness and accountability.

Under State law, Patrick Cannon remains Mayor unless and until he either resigns or is convicted of a felony.  The City Council has no power to remove a Mayor. In the Mayor's absence from any meeting, the Mayor Pro Tem presides.  If the Mayor resigns or is convicted of a felony, the City Council would appoint a Mayor to fulfill the remainder of the term.

Finally, the City reiterates that there is an on-going federal investigation.  We are cooperating fully with the investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment on the investigation at this time.  The City Council and City staff are focused on the continuity of government and providing the highest standards of services to the citizens of Charlotte.