Coach LaMonte: Time To Wake UP!

Coach LaMonte: Time to Wake Up!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Coach LaMonte's mission this week is to get you into a place where you stop Sleepwalking and start playing an active role in your life.

Coach says:

Get out of the B.E.D

B: Blame & Broken Promises
E: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
D: Denial, Denial, Denial

This is the bed many of us are sleeping on daily. And when we get up from this bed we are experiencing what I call Sleepwalking Syndrome. We program ourselves to make decisions in our sleep state. We are semi conscious, and truly not aware of life patterns. We lead programmed, ordinary, obsolete, and routine lives, the process that makes us poor internally.

Now get into this B.E.D.:

B: Believe that all things are possible for my life

E: Excuses are enemies to my progress

D: Death will not have me before my time

The remedy to fix the problem is to stay A.W.A.K.E.:

A: Active Participant in life

W: Willingness to Win

A: Accomplish to Achieve

K: Kept in my Keeping

E: Evolve in Expectation

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