CIAA vs Speed Street: Which event has more arrests and incidents?

Published: Mar. 6, 2014 at 4:26 AM EST|Updated: Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:41 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - As the CIAA was about to get started this year in Uptown Charlotte, some residents started packing up to go away and avoid the CIAA 3-day stay.

For some reason, the tournament gets a negative reaction from some Charlotteans.

Uptown resident Jenny Tucker said "we usually try to get out of town for it just because of all the people around the traffic."

But Alexis Callier said she stuck around. "It was fun for me. I'm from a big city. I like seeing crowds"

"Uptown was certainly rowdy" said Aaron Peacock. "We kind of stayed in due to all of the traffic. Nothing abnormal that I recognize."

It's not just Uptown residents who voiced opinions.

There were lots of comments on WBTV's facebook page.

Someone wrote "more shootings more long lines."

Another comment said "should call it a thug life tournament."

One woman said "ticket sales are low, attendance is low, but security and safety issues are up."

A view wrote "it seems like when I hear about the CIAA Tournament in the news, it isn't because of the great games, it's because of some type of violence."

Another person said "speed street doesn't bring in violence."

WBTV checked Charlotte Mecklenburg Police records to compare arrests and incidents at CIAA and Speed Street for the last three years.

Both events draw thousands of people to Uptown.

According to CMPD, 12 adults were arrested during this year's CIAA.

Drugs and alcohol accounted for 3 arrests each. There were 2 traffic related arrests.  One arrest each for larceny and domestic. Two people were arrested for assault.

Police are still investigating the shooting at the Sheraton where 2 people were wounded during an after party.

Speed Street 2014 hasn't happened yet. So WBTV reviewed 2013's numbers.

Three days of Speed Street and 19 adults and 10 juveniles were arrested - including 4 alcohol related; 4 disorderly conduct; 2 assault on officer; 2 resisting arrest; 1 simple assault and 2 trespassing.

The juveniles had 2 disorderly, a fighting, and 3 resisting arrest.

Over a 3-day period at CIAA 2013 - police say 21 people were arrested.

Some of the charges included alcohol, trespassing, assault, fighting, strong armed robbery, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Comparing the two events in 2012.

CMPD says CIAA had 31 adults arrested - and over three days that March - some of the incidents included 7 alcohol related, 9 disorderly conduct, 4 for assaulting a Government official.

For Speed Street that year - officers estimate there were hundreds of thousands of people in Center City for Speed Street events and 33 adults and 11 juveniles were arrested.

8 juveniles had curfew violations and there was a possession of marijuana.

8 adults were handcuffed for drugs, 1 for carrying a concealed weapon, 3 trespassing, 4 resisting, 7 intoxicated and disruptive, 1 assault on a public official, and 5 disorderly.

For 2011 - CMPD doesn't have the after action report for CIAA.

During that year's Speed Street - police say 95 adults and 9 juveniles were arrested.

That year there was a fight - 70 people were arrested in that incident.

Alexis Callier, an Uptown resident, says "you definitely need to have officers out because situations can arise – whether it's CIAA or Speed Street. Things happen."

Jenny Tucker, who prefers the leave the area during CIAA because of the crowds, sticks around for Speed Street.

"It's not as bad because I feel like people who come to town are local" says Tucker. "They're not staying the night, and it's not as crowded in the restaurants and other places."

Aaron Peacock says "it's hard to compare. There's a lot of people walking the street during Speed Street and during the CIAA is more like bar atmosphere - from my perspective is just hang out and party."