Man marks 10,000 days of consecutive running

10,000th Day of running

The journey of a thousand pairs of worn out running shoes, for Bill Shires, started 28 years ago with a single challenge from his high school basketball coach.

"Anytime an adult challenges you, you feel like you have to step up and do it," Bill said Wednesday afternoon. "I actually won a trophy and it just hooked me."

From that point on, he's run every single day without missing a beat. Wednesday, March 5th marks his 10,000th consecutive day.

Through injury, through bad weather, even through the flu.

"The hardest part is getting out the door," Bill says.

You could look at his dedication to running, like a metaphor for a lot of things in life. Difficult doesn't mean impossible.

"A lot of days I'm not feeling like going out that door, but if I push out that first mile and then you start to feel better and then get moving and motivated and you go on and eventually I finish my run," Bill said.

Sometimes the hardest part of any huge challenge, is accepting it. Bill suggests you do as he's done; Stop measuring the mountain, and start climbing it.