Integro and Salisbury Business Center up, running, and available

It has been decades since a building of this size and scope has been built in downtown Salisbury.  But the big new building on S. Main Street represents more than just the expansion of one company.

It's called the Salisbury Business Center, home to company called Integro, but also open for other businesses, and that's the key.

You can't blame Thomas Campion for being proud of this new place.  He started Integro in his basement.

"To move from a basement to a 47,000 square foot facility is a pretty big jump," Campion told WBTV.

Integro does product inspections for companies.

"The only things we don't inspect are things God made," Campion added.

Integro takes up about 60% of this new building.  Other businesses will find available office space here.  This new business center represents a rebirth of sorts for downtown.

The recession has left several empty storefronts and it's been tough to find new businesses.

One exception is a new and popular restaurant called Emma's.  Just a block behind the new business center, it's already seen a boost.


"They have events that are coming into town already," said Heather St. Aubin Stout of Emma's.  "We've done several large box lunches, we've opened up on one of our off evenings for a group to come in and have dinner."

Campion believes that the timing is right, and the location ideal not just for this company to grow into this building, but to spur growth and new economic development through downtown.

"The enthusiasm in Salisbury has been fantastic, absolutely off the charts," Campion said.  "We can't say enough about the community, they've been very welcoming to us."

Integro bought the lot for $250,000 from the City of Salisbury, then built the $3.2 million building.

An Open House will be held tomorrow at the Salisbury Business Center from 4 until 6 pm. The building is located at 301 S. Main Street in Salisbury.