Lincoln County Schools to drug test student athletes

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Lincoln County Schools will begin drug testing student athletes in the 2014-2015 school year.

The new rule applies to student athletes in ninth through twelfth grade.

Associate Superintendent Matt Stove told WBTV students and parents will have to sign consent forms before a sporting season begins.

"If you want to participate in athletics, you and your parent will have to sign a waiver saying that we are willing for our son and daughter to participate in sports and also be part of the random drug testing," Stove said.

Of Course, there are consequences for students who fail a drug test.

"There are three levels. The first offense would be a 90 day suspension from sports. The second offense is going to be a 365 day suspension from all sports, and the third one would be you are not allowed you participate in school sports for the rest of your high school career," Stover said.

The drug tests will be used to detect a wide variety of illegal substances. School leaders can also request a test if they suspect a student was using illegal drugs, including performance enhancing drugs.

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