Town councilman uses Klingon to resign from position

Published: Jan. 3, 2014 at 1:23 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 2, 2014 at 1:26 AM EST
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Letter provided to WBTV by Indian Trail mayor
Letter provided to WBTV by Indian Trail mayor

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - A town councilman from Union County has decided to leave his government elected position, but decided to make a statement in his resignation letter to the mayor.

David Waddell is a member of the Indian Trail Town Council. Until the end of the month.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Waddell says being on the council isn't what he thought it'd be.

"The past year on the Indian Trail Town Council was filled with more deception, conflict of interest issues, being left in the dark on what's going on, crony capitalism, runaway development and requests for public information being refused or stonewalled for months," he wrote.

He pointed to an example of how the contract with the Sheriff's Office was handled by the Council majority and Town Manager.

"The Council felt it should have more control over law enforcement. I had not seen most of the ludicrous contract proposal until less than 24 hours prior to it being delivered to the Sheriff after months of supposed "negotiations," he wrote. "Then the proposal to start a Town Police Department after an impasse was concocted to make it look as if starting a PD was the only option."

So Waddell has decided to resign his post on the council.

He wrote a letter to the mayor, in Klingon.

Roughly translated, it says "Teach (the) city (the) constitution I will return next time to (witness) victory. Resignation occurs in 2014 the 31st of January. Perhaps today is a good day (to) resign."

"The Council doesn't make decisions, the town staff does," he wrote on his Facebook page. "The Council rubber stamps the decisions. Un-elected 'Stakeholders' do more to determine the direction in which the Town heads than the Council does. The Council has not represented the interests of the people to the Town government, they have represented the interests of the corporation called the Town of Indian Trail TO the people, otherwise, the high density housing, runaway development, deception and record amounts of debt for amenities wouldn't be happening."

He says he's fought hard for two year to represent the principles he ran on, and to represent the "oppressed."

"There is a much greater need than for me to show up to the meetings and vote no. I believe in standing on the principles I believe in despite being grossly outnumbered," he continued. "However, I know the value of time and that it is something only a fool wastes. The greater need is for someone to reach out to the remnant; those who still value the Constitutions of our State and Nation, those who still believe that God's laws supersede man's laws, those who work for the fruits of their labors only to have them taken more and more."

Waddell ended his statement by saying he has decided to run as a write-in candidate for United States Senate on the Constitution Party platform.

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