High End Boutique creates "Pop-up" shop

If you've ever walked by a high end boutique and avoided going in because the prices are out of reach, there is a local boutique selling merchandise for as much as 75% off its original price.

Tina Hart is the owner of Luna Boutiques.  The Charlotte location is at Phillip's Place on Fairview, but this week, Tina's team is spending a lot of time at a "pop-up" shop at Park Road Shopping Center.  "We decided to do it this time of year not only to give back to our customers but because a lot of people are looking to shop for family members, wives,  friends  and this is a great way to save some money especially in this economy," said Hart.

We got a sneak look at the merchandise last week and was surprised at how far they'd marked down some items.    Pointing to a shiny hobo style handbag, "This is a great metal-icky sparkly handbag from Big Buddha it was originally 100 dollars and now it's 25 dollars," she told me.

We watched as Vice President Anthony Colandra had to turn away curious shoppers!   "I'm sorry we're actually opening on Saturday!"

"I had a lady with her friend say I'll hold him and you run in," Anthony said with a smile.  Since their doors opened Saturday he's had a steady stream of customers, but they have plenty of stock to sell.

The joy of buying top designer clothing at bargain prices only lasts through December 14th.  Luna Rack is open each day from 10am to 5pm.

"Everyone's heart and soul is in it the fact that we can do something that helps the company financially but also gives back to the community is very touching," Hart said.   "These are DL jeans one of our favorite and best selling jeans these originally were 163 and are now 50 dollars."

So why mark things down so drastically?  It's simple, Hart says, they want to move merchandise and they're grateful to their customers.

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