Affordable Care Act advocates spread word about enrollment

Inside the Beatties Ford Road library, community advocates trying to help people enroll in the Affordable Care Act said they are reaching hundreds of people who need insurance.

However, they could not provide any hard numbers on how many people have actually enrolled in the program with their help.

Representatives from Enroll America say they have gone door-to-door, used phone banks, and set up kiosks at retail locations to spread the word about registration assistance.

The government web site created for people to enroll online has been plagued with problems and glitches. People have the option to apply three ways: through the web site, by phone, or by mail.

WBTV met one man at the library who came for assistance. He had already tried enrolling once, and hoped to enroll with some assistance at the library. He had to schedule an appointment instead, for Friday.

Still, Pernell Knox said he was undeterred. Knox says the process has not been frustrating for him, but it has taken some persistence.

To enroll by phone: call 1-800-318-2596

To enroll online: for the federal web site and for the state web site

To request an appointment with a trained counselor in-person, call 1-855-733-3711

To learn more information, there are several upcoming information sessions. A separate appointment will be required for help with enrollment (1-855-733-3711).

Shamrock Senior Center: Thursday, 11/14, at 10:15 am

The Chapel of Christ the King: Sunday, 11/17, at 1:00pm

West Boulevard Library: Monday, 11/18, at 5:00pm

West Boulevard Library: Monday, 11/25, at 3:00pm

Beatties Ford Library: Tuesday, 11/26, at 2pm

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