1993 Northwestern Championship team honored

Rock Hill, SC (WBTV) – It is arguably the most memorable state championship game in South Carolina high school football. The 1993 game between the Northwestern Trojans and Gaffney Indians ended 2-0, the lowest score in championship history.

Friday night, the championship team will be honored before the Northwestern match up against York Comprehensive High School.

Bobby Carroll, now Head Coach of the Cougars, will be part of the coaching staff honored for his role as defensive coordinator. He played a key role in the success of the defensive line and outcome for that final championship game.

Although, when it comes to credit, Coach Carroll gives his knowledge and success in football, then and now, to Jimmy "Moose" Wallace.

Coach Wallace was head coach of the championship team and in Carroll's words, "resurrected the program over there and built the dynasty."

It's the 20 year anniversary of the game, and the perfect time for Coach Carroll to reflect on his biggest mentor.

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