Bounty Hunter uses social media to locate missing suspects

CABARRUS COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - We've seen their pictures in post offices and on the walls of courthouses when lawmen are looking for suspects who are wanted.

In Cabarrus County, one local company stays on the hunt for those who fail to show up in court.

Wanted posters along downtown Concord's main drag are getting lots of looks.

While suspects remain on the run, cops and deputies are after them.

But there is another person on their heels.

His name is Randy Cauthen.

"You're a bondsman by day and a bounty hunter by night, and in North Carolina you can't hire bounty hunters. You have to pick up your own people," he said.

Finding suspects who are on the lam means being inventive.

Just like those in law enforcement, Bost Bail Bonds pays cash for the right tip.

"We have a lot of people who give us good information and some of them don't want the money. They just want the person captured," Cauthen said. "Facebook is our friend."

Facebook offers a two-way street.

Cauthen puts his most wanted on the companies face book page, but those who are hiding out make a big mistake of posting their locations on their personal pages.

Social media has helped turn up 25 of those who didn't show up in court.

Brooke Finley was found in Stafford Virginia, and a lead on facebook sent Cauthen to New York capture another person that left the state.

"We don't quit," he said. "We have a financial interest in the people we find on bond. If we don't find the person, we have to pay the forfeiture."

That's why it's important for Cauthen his bonding company to keep images of those missing online, and on the window of his downtown business.

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