Pictures released of suspects accused of killing teenager

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Just released: WBTV obtained photos of the men accused of shooting a 15-year-old to death. The crime happened in Concord last weekend. We'll break down the exact charges the suspects are facing. WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee has those details in a live report.

We all think candy is harmless but one story we're working on will get your guard up. A high school student in the area is accused of selling candy laced with drugs.

We're also showing you how the community came out to support the female victims who were killed in two separate domestic violence incidents in Charlotte.

And a story we first brought to you as breaking news on WBTV News This Morning when a Rowan County high school student was struck and killed at a bus stop. There is new information on funeral arrangements.

John Carter and Al Conklin is getting you caught up on news and weather right now. Tonya Rivens and I will join them at 5 a.m.

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