Charlotte man videotapes CMPD holding him at gunpoint

Published: Oct. 12, 2013 at 1:53 AM EDT|Updated: Nov. 11, 2013 at 3:04 AM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Darryl Cannady says he didn't know why a Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer was pulling him over. And he didn't understand why the officer drew his gun on him. So, he decided to record the police stop on his cell phone.

"This guy immediately pulled me over, hopped out of the car in no less than ten seconds and drew his firearm" says Cannady. "I mean he had it deadlocked on me. I was scared. I was scared. I'm not going to lie. I didn't know what was going to happen."

The 23-year-old says he was driving along Tuckaseegee Road as it turns into Thrift. He says the CMPD officer made a U-turn and pulled him over.

"Pulls out the gun - I get scared. I get nervous because I don't know what he going to do. I heard about the guy that got shot - walking up to the police officer for help - he got shot ten times" Cannady says.

In the video, which Cannady uploaded to YouTube, the officer can be heard ordering Cannady to put his hands out the window.

"Put my hands out of the window and never let go of my phone cause I thought that was the only evidence I might have had if anything was to go wrong."

The video shows when other officers arrive as back up, Cannady is ordered to drop the phone. He does, and the recording stops.

Cannady says police then ordered him out of the car, to get on his knees, and to put his hands up.

"They came and slapped the handcuffs on me" Cannady says. "Elbowed me in ribs and kind of lift me and threw me up against the car."

Cannady says officers then put him the back of a patrol of a car.

"They didn't read me no rights. They didn't tell me what's going on. Nothing." Cannady says.

CMPD told WBTV that officers received a 911 call for an armed man who had assaulted a woman before getting into a Mercury Grand Marquis.

Cannady drives a Mercury Grand Marquis.

In a written statement, CMPD stated a "Metro Division officer observed a vehicle on Thrift Road matching the suspect's and conducted a felony car stop believing the driver was an armed assault suspect."

Police say Cannady was "handcuffed and detained for safety as officers investigated the circumstances. It was determined a short time later that the driver of the vehicle was not involved in any illegal activity. He was released and never arrested or charged with a crime."

CMPD says "upon further investigation, officers were never able to locate the original 911 caller or any victim of the reported assault."

Cannady says police searched his car and trunk, then took him out of the patrol car and removed the handcuffs.

"Another officer gave me my ID and said we got a call about another Grand Marquis but it's not yours" Cannady says. "No apology, No have a good day. No sorry. No nothing."

Cannady says he's upset that he was even stopped because his car is distinct with tinted windows and rims. He believes the 911 caller would have given that description.

"They didn't tell him that this was my Marquis with tinted windows and rims so what upset me the most was me getting pulled over period, then gun being drawn" says Cannady. "I just want people to be aware. I want people to know this stuff is going on - high ranking police officers and Internal Affairs."

CMPD says "Internal Affairs is investigating the incident to ensure all department policies were followed. This is standard procedure whenever a complaint on an officer has been made."

Cannady says he wants an apology from CMPD. "No one ever apologized. I feel they need to publicly give me an apology - not privately because this didn't happen in private - it happened in public."

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