Keith Larson's "That Season of Hope" highlights special girl

Keith Larson's "That Season of Hope" highlights special girl

WBT Radio host Keith Larson first saw the story in the Charlotte Observer almost 10 years ago.

The front page article featured a 12-year-old girl who was presented with the option of any wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Hope Stout was battling a rare form of bone cancer that, at that time, had confined her to a wheelchair.

When asked what she wanted for her wish, Hope replied with a question of how many children were on the list to receive wishes. Representatives told her 155 kids were waiting on their wishes. Hope made the most beautiful wish anyone could have imagined; she wished for enough money to be raised so all those kids could have their dreams come true.

That was all Keith needed to hear. Within minutes he had the young girl on the phone live on his radio show.

"Hearing about these other kids and to know that I made a difference in their lives is just an amazing feeling," Hope said in 2003.

Donations poured in from all over the country to total more than $1.1 million.

That story and the dozens of tiny stories that happened along the way, are the focus of Keith's new book, "That Season of Hope".

Tuesday afternoon at Panthers Stadium, Keith launched the book along with former Panther Kevin Donnelly and several others who were there 10 years ago to help push Hope's Wish along.

All of the author profits from the book will benefit charity, and as Keith says, "keep granting Hope's wish."

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