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tune-ups in Charlotte NC
tune-ups in Charlotte NC
Has your vehicle had a car tune up in Charlotte yet? This may not be an auto service you need very often; however, it's one every vehicle eventually needs. A lot of problems can arise once your vehicle gets older if you don't keep up with this routine auto service in Charlotte. If you're not familiar with a car tune- up, we can help explain what it is and how you can know when your vehicle is due for one!
A car tune-up is usually associated with the replacement and adjustment of different parts and components in your vehicle. This typically includes replacing the fuel filter, swapping spark plugs, adjusting valves, checking belts, topping fluids and more! These services ensure your vehicle is working as efficient as possible and can help you avoid costly auto repairs down the road.

Intervals on when your vehicle needs a tune up in Charlotte vary from one car to another, as different cars could need one every 25,000-100,000 or more miles. The best way to know when your vehicle is due for one is to check your owner's manual or visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for an expert opinion. Otherwise, there are some symptoms that may indicate a need for a car tune up. Some of these warning signs include:

  • Stalling: If your vehicle stalls often, this could mean you have worn spark plugs, a dirty fuel system, a malfunctioning sensor or other problems. To help pinpoint the issue, you should pay attention to the conditions in which the stalling occurs, such as if the outside temperature is hot or cold, or if you have the air conditioning on. Share this information with our technicians when getting your Charlotte auto service.
  • Rough idling or acceleration: If you're experiencing problems while idling or accelerating, a car tune up in Charlotte may be your solution. These issues can be caused by internal engine conditions and should not be ignored. Let the professionals at our Toyota Service Center take a look, so we can help you find and fix the problem.
  • Lower gas mileage: If you start to notice your vehicle gets less miles to the gallon than it should, it may indicate a number of different issues. This could be due to a dirty fuel filter, malfunctioning fuel injectors or bad spark plugs, which should all be checked when getting your routine auto maintenance.
  • Hard to start: If you have difficulty starting your vehicle or the check engine light is on, there could be a problem with its starting, ignition, fuel or electrical system. No matter what the problem is, you should have it diagnosed and corrected at our auto service center.
Visit our Toyota Service Center today to have your vehicle checked out by our professional technicians and find out what auto service you may need. We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd. just off I-77 on exit 23. Call (888) 378-1214 to make an appointment today.

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