Police officer saves injured owl, returns him into wild

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte police officer that helped save an owl from hawk attacks over the summer got to release her friend back into the wild last week.

Officer Amy Baswell came came across an injured owl in the middle of the road at E 7th Street and Hawthorne Lane.

Officer Baswell called for the CMPD's Animal Care and Control to assist her.

While with the owl, several hawks were attempting to "dive bomb" the poor injured animal as it was laying in the road.

Officer Baswell fought off the hawks before Animal Control arrived and removed the owl.

The injured owl was transported to the Raptor Center where it was determined that the bird was likely hit by a car.

He suffered two fractured bones along with head and eye trauma.

After excellent treatment and rehabilitation, the owl thrived and became healthy enough to be released.

On Tuesday September 3, the staff  with the Raptor Center handed the owl, that was named  "Hawthorne" over to Officer Baswell.

She was granted the privilege of releasing Hawthorne back into the wild.

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