The cost of getting a gun in NYC

Iron Pipeline investigation
Published: Aug. 20, 2013 at 10:09 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 19, 2013 at 10:09 PM EDT
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Six people from Rock Hill are now facing federal firearms charges. They are accused of running more than 250 guns on the Iron Pipeline to New York City.

One of the suspects is Earl Campbell who is accused of selling 90 guns during two dozen meetings with undercover police.

Police in New York say he made 75-thousand dollars.

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Monday that a gun ring had been shut down, he was quick to point out that suspects and the seized weapons that came to his city all had southern connections.

Bloomberg called it the largest gun bust in the city's history.

"There were 19 arrests made as part of this investigation, which broke up a major gun running operation that trafficked guns here from North Carolina and South Carolina," he said.

Investigators say six men and two women who are part of the probe had ties to York County.

Gun store owner Larry Hyatt says weapons permits are hard to come by in New York.

"Handguns are highly regulated. They're serial numbered, "he said. "In New York City it's difficult to get one, because they just don't issue them."

Major metropolitan areas have a number of tough policies as it relates to gun ownership.

In New York City cost is a factor.

According to the New York City Police Website, the initial fee for a gun permit is 340 dollars, and that doesn't include another 91.50 for finger printing.

While at the gun shop here in Charlotte, we found someone from New York who didn't want his face or name used, but said it's easy to understand why some may resort to the buying a gun under the table.

He said, "Sadly enough, they're making it almost impossible for people to protect their families without having to dig deep in their budgets take food off the table and protect their families at the same time."

Hyatt is hoping that none of guns from his store were part of the New York operation.

"We have a lot in place to keep it from happening, but no system is perfect."

Hyatt tells WBTV the price of a gun permit in Mecklenburg County is less than 10 dollars.

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