NASCAR driver accused of stealing competitor's vehicles turns himself in

Mike Harmon
Mike Harmon
Jennifer Jo Cobb (Source:
Jennifer Jo Cobb (Source:

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A NASCAR driver turned himself in to authorities after arrest warrants were issued for him and a business partner. Investigators say they stole at least seven vehicles from a competitor.

According to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, warrants were issued for driver Mike Harmon and business partner David Novak Monday afternoon.

Davud Novak, Harmon's business partner, turned himself in over the weekend.

Each man is wanted on breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering.

Harmon turned himself in to Cleveland County authorities Monday around 5 p.m. He then posted a $10,000 bond, for both charges combined.

WBTV was there as deputies recovered two cars and five trucks from Harmon's two garages in late May. Deputies say Harmon stole the cars from racer Jennifer Jo Cobb at the end of last year.
The vehicles were seized from Harmon's shop in Mooresville, and from a storage facility in Catawba County, officials told WBTV.

Harmon was arrested in mid-May in a separate incident, also involving Cobb. Authorities say Harmon broke into Cobb's Mooresville headquarters, and stole her hauler to transport cars and trucks.

VIDEO: Surveillance video of the trailer being stolen - 

WBTV spoke with Harmon just moments after he posted bail on the initial charge.
"I've never stolen as much as a piece of bubble gum. To be arrested for a felony is ridiculous," Harmon said.
Harmon says he never took Cobb's hauler, and insists there's more to the story.
"People that know me know that I didn't do this. It's ridiculous. You know everyone's shop is under surveillance. My shop is under surveillance," he said.

In an application for a search warrant, detectives stated that Harmon indicated to deputies on May 13th that he knew where the race hauler was being held, but wouldn't reveal the location unless deputies promised that it would not be returned to Cobb.

Detectives say a black semi-truck, similar to the one seen hauling Cobb's trailer away in surveillance video, was seen at Harmon's garage.

Harmon reportedly agreed to get the hauler back and deliver it to deputies on May 14. When Harmon didn't show up, the paperwork states, he was called by detectives and said that he had changed his mind and was prepared to be arrested, if needed.

According to the search warrant, on the day of the theft Harmon asked his truck driver to leave the keys in the truck after returning from a trip to Darlington.
A judge ordered Harmon to stay away from Cobb, though the two both say they plan to finish this year's racing season.
"I'm a big believer in God's will, so perhaps this happened for a bigger better cause or reason," Cobb said after Harmon's initial arrest.

Novak had not been arrested as of Monday afternoon. At last check, Cobb's hauler was still missing.
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