Beards keep men young, healthy & handsome

Beards have health benefits

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Gentlemen, beards aren't just for hipsters and hippies anymore.

If you want proof the beard is king in Charlotte, stand by any college, or look around any corner uptown: You'll see full beards on the faces of students and men in their 30s and 40s.

So why the new hankering for heavy stubble?

While some say beards just make a man instantly sexy, researchers discovered there's more to it than sex appeal.

"There are certainly some benefits to having beards," said dermatologist Dr. Ronea Harris with Presbyterian Dermatology South.

The study from the University of Southern Queensland found stubble or facial hair can improve men's overall health.

"We know that hair bearing areas because of the hair it does tend to protect more from UV light so we don't see as many skin cancers," said Dr. Harris.

The study also says that "all that hair" retains moisture and protects against the wind, keeping you looking young and fresh-faced.

And depending on your skin type, not shaving can also save your skin from irritation.

"Shaving can contribute to the development of acne," said Dr. Harris.

But there are criticisms that come with hair follicles.

Dr. Harris said most cancers on the face area develop where there is usually no facial such as the nose.

But that's not it.

"The food can get trapped in the beard in the hairs," said Dr. Harris.

"The bad part about having a beard is that the pollen can get stuck in the hair."

So if you're going to sport the Moses look, go ahead – but make sure you wash and care for your facial hair.

As for men who have trouble growing facial hair, there is a way. It's called a hair toupee! There are also clinics that offer facial hair transplants.

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