Brigida's Blog: TeamNOSugar is a springboard, not a hammock!

Welp, we're at the end of week one of our second 30 day challenge for TeamNOSugar. You still hanging in there?!

For you newbies – this is where you learn if you're someone who just hopped on the bandwagon OR if you're REALLY committed to making lasting, healthy changes in your life.

Let's be honest: the headaches, the grouchiness, the (seemingly) constant temptations are enough to make anyone cave.

So, which side do you fall on?

I ask -- because while I am absolutely thrilled so many of you have joined TeamNoSugar -- I must tell you the responsibility to change your life is YOURS.

Take ownership of this journey. I believe part of the reason I've been so successful is because I took the initiative to learn EVERYTHING I can about living a healthy life! I became VORACIOUS when looking for information. I 'googled' non-stop, picked up every fitness magazine I saw (Shape and Women's Health are my favs!) and YouTube-d many a recipe!

Yes, my trainer has offered helpful tips along the way. Heck, she even inspired me to start TeamNoSugar!

BUT -- I'm not depending on anyone else to change my life. You can't. That's not the key to making life-long changes. I mean sure, you'll drop some pounds in the beginning. But if you want to KEEP the weight off – you have to know this 'team' is a springboard, NOT a hammock. You must be INVESTED in doing this.

Tired of the same old snacks? Need a different go-to meal?  Then do some research and find new ones! I do it all the time and am often surprised at what I find!  I share what's worked for me as inspiration. It's a jumping off point! By law I can't tell you what to eat because I'm not a nutritionist. I'm no expert -- far from it. I'm just like you – learning what works for me one pound at a time. You must find what works for YOU.

I only have to point to the success of Melanie Scott, a local mom from Concord we featured on First at 4 last week. She dropped 20 lbs in 30 days despite being the mom of 4 boys! She did it because she took the challenge and MADE IT HER OWN. See her incredible story here:

So you want to lose 30 lbs (or whatever your goal is)? You CAN! Just be committed to learning everything you can and don't wait on anyone to create a template for you to follow. Everyone's path is different.  Don't be afraid to chart your on course! You gotta do more than just speak it into existence – get up and get at it!

Editor's Note: Before starting any new health and fitness regimen, please consult your doctor.  

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