Case of missing nurse, Holly Bobo, has new clues, new detectives

Holly Bobo
Holly Bobo
Sheila Wysocki
Sheila Wysocki

PARSONS, TN (WSMV) - Two years have passed since nursing student Holly Bobo vanished into the woods, and there are now new developments, clues and evidence in the search to bring her home.

Something about the Holly Bobo case, for many, just hurts. How can a beautiful, simple, small-town country girl with no real problems or big issues and studying to become a nurse just disappear without a trace?

Holly Bobo vanished from her family's Parsons, TN, home in Decatur County on April 13, 2011, and in a video clip she is seen singing at a coon hunt just one week before her abduction. What may have seemed like a day of harmless family fun was hardly that at all.

It turns out there were no fewer than 21 sex offenders in attendance that day - a startling number discovered by the group Without Warning: Fight Back, which includes an elite collection of detectives from across the country led by Brentwood mom Sheila Wysocki.

Wysocki received national attention for obtaining a private investigator license and solving her college roommate's murder 20 years after the crime, and she now runs Without Warning: Fight Back with the goal of preventing assaults through self-defense and education.

Another mom heard Wysocki's story and then called her. That mom was Holly's mother, Karen Bobo.

Wysocki has now brought together the full resources of her not-profit group to help the Bobos and find out, once and for all, what happened that April day two years ago.

"The first time that I met Sheila, I just instantly liked her. We just clicked," Karen Bobo said. "I just feel like somehow, some way, Sheila and her team are going to help us."

The two mothers have something else in common. Although Karen Bobo is not a detective, she is a fiercely devoted mother who had a powerful bond with her daughter.

And she relentlessly pursues her daughter even though she doesn't know where to look.

"I feel like we've tried to do everything, but it hasn't mattered and in two years we still don't have Holly and we still don't have answers," Karen Bobo said.

Two years of desperate work, penmarked napkins and scratch paper have been transformed into case files by the Without Warning team - comprised of former Los Angeles Police Department Det. Lou Leiker, a Nashville cyberspecialist and detective, paralegal Liz Beatty and Wysocki.

While Holly Bobo seemingly vanished from the face of the earth, the Without Warning team says maybe not, because whomever took Holly Bobo forgot to turn off the victim's cell phone after leaving her house.

Now, through the use of GPS tracking, the team has composed a map of the abductor's route. It's a map that, astonishingly, leads back near the scene of the crime.

Why did the abductor go back? Does he live there or nearby?

"This is a community of 2,500 people. If I was writing a mystery novel, I couldn't imagine a bigger group of possible suspects," Wysocki said.

The Bobo family is painfully aware their son, Clint Bobo, was considered a suspect soon after his sister's disappearance.

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