Police: Teen brought loaded semi-automatic gun to school, forcing lock down

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Police have arrested a teen after they say he showed up at school with a semi-automatic weapon, leading police on a foot chase and forcing three separate schools to go on lock down.

The 15-year-old was transferred to a juvenile detention center after being questioned at the Huntersville Police Department, reports WBTV's Steve Crump.

The teen has been charged with possession of a handgun by a minor, possession of a firearm on a school campus, carrying a concealed weapon, altering and removing a serial number on a firearm and resisting, delaying and obstructing arrest, according to the Huntersville Police Department.

Huntersville police were called to North Mecklenburg High School at 9:15 a.m. after a Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools security officer requested backup when a student he was questioning about having a possible gun on campus started to run from school grounds.

"That officer located the student from the classroom to conduct a search and about the time he was going to conduct that search, he chose to run," said Detective Kenny Lynch of CMS Police.

Police immediately put the high school, as well as neighboring Blythe Elementary and J.M. Alexander Middle Schools, on lockdown. "We had the agency that first received the information, share the  information immediately with the school, and everybody followed the steps," Detective Lynch said.

"At one point in time there was this weird noise in the hallway like there was someone walking up the hall. Eventually it stopped but everyone was kind of creeped out about it," said student Auston Li.

After a foot chase that ended across the street in a wooded area from the high school, officers arrested the student. Officers also located a loaded semi-automatic weapon they say the student brought to school.

Deputy Chief Mechael Kee of the Huntersville Police Department commended the teamwork used to apprehend the teen. "There was a brief foot pursuit and again our neighboring agency to the South CMPD was instrumental in apprehending this young man, and the backpack that he had on him at the time was located a short distance from where they apprehended him."

The investigation is ongoing.

If you have any questions or information, please call Lt. Kevin Johnston at 704.464.5400.

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