Deck of cards means delicious deals on local restaurants

We hear a lot lately about buying locally; keeping our money in locally owned and operated businesses.  Well there is a new way to do that and save money.  FoodieQC deck of cards is the brainchild of Rome Ali.  "One of those accidental things, playing poker and being hungry and you come up with something that was unique and absurd at the same time but turned out to be a really good product," Ali told me.

That product is a deck of 52 cards to 52 locally owned restaurants. The deck costs twenty dollars, and each card gives you 10 dollars off your meal.  You must order at least 30 dollars worth of food, and the 10 discount can't be deducted from alcohol or taxes.

I met Ali at Roosters Uptown, one of the participating restaurants.  The manager there, Bo Buxton, loves the idea of encouraging people to eat at locally owned and operated restaurants.  "We're all about local.  We don't just eat local we live local here, from the décor to how we built the restaurant and we resource everything locally," Buxton told me.  That's why Rooster's and 51 other restaurants are taking part.

The deck of cards can be purchased at some of the restaurants but you can also buy them at  Charlotte is the sixth city where Ali has developed the cards.  The Food QC cards went on sale last week and Ali sold over a thousand in the first couple of days.   

Each card has important information about the restaurant and even a recommended dish, "I asked all the owners and chefs, 'What do you think is the best seller?' and each restaurant recommended a dish," Ali told me.

Ali is also donating a portion of the proceeds to the charity Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry campaign. 

The cards are also a great tool for fundraisers.  You'll see how on

Keep in mind the cards can only be used once to each corresponding restaurant and they are valid until December 2013.

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