Bedbugs booming in Charlotte, pest control companies say

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Bedbugs have been making a comeback for years now, but recently some companies say the populations are booming. One Charlotte company reported about a dozen calls for treatment during the Summer of 2011. The same company says they got more than 200 calls this past summer.

Rick Seifert with The Pest Control Authority in Charlotte says his company hasn't noticed an explosion in infestations, because they're always busy with jobs to treat them.

In recent years, the bugs have been transported from hotels to homes and then from house to house. They are incredibly difficult to kill completely as one Charlotte woman recently found.

"Sally" asked us not to identify her but she found live bugs on her living room sofa about two weeks ago. She's thrown away furniture and turned her house upside down and managed to clear up an infestation, but Seifert found the bugs are still in her house.

Sally is paying another company to treat her house at a cost of $2,300. She says she wants people to know and understand that bedbugs don't just set up in dirty homes. She never expected to find herself in what she now calls a nightmare.