Panthers sent New Orleans Saints packing

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The CATS started their home-opener up against the same team that ended their last season.

This time the outcome was very different.

The Panthers sent the New Orleans Saints packing with a score of 35 to 27.

Putting past records aside...

We heard a lot of high hopes from Panthers fans going into the season home opener.

Michael Rimmer who is a Panthers Fan said "I think last week was an anomaly, I don't think that's the Panthers team we're going to see the rest of the season."

George Bates another Panthers Fan said "I'm a full believer in Cam...I think he needs to get his protection and we need to balance out the passing game and the running game."

The team delivered.

As the sellout crowd trickled out of the stadium...You could see the wide smiles.

And with it came the wide open wallets - more folks willing to shell out the cash - proud to be part of a winning team.

Scott Blackburn said "on their way in everybody was riled up - Panthers fans riled up on the way."

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