Charlotte firefighters prepare for the Democratic National Convention

Charlotte firefighters prepare for DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte Fire Department - about 1,050 fire fighters strong - has specific plans and staff for the Democratic National Convention.

Chief Jon Hannan tells WBTV the department canceled vacations scheduled for the week of the DNC. About 40 fire fighters will be assigned to Uptown to respond only to DNC calls.

Chief Hannan says response time to emergencies in local neighborhoods won't suffer because of the DNC. He says the 61 fire companies across the city will be fully staffed.

"The fire service Charlotte has every day - it will still have everyday to handle Charlotte - then we'll staff up the Center City - the resources we'll need to provide that protection," says Hannan.

Chief Hannan says fire fighters assigned to uptown will be on the lookout for same things they do everyday. "We're responsible for fire protection, first responder medical care. We have the hazmat team, heavy rescue team."

The chief says his department staffs 2 hazmat teams "24 hours a day, 7 days a week".

CFD is adding a third hazmat team to Central City. Hannan says "they have everything they need to handle a chemical, radiological, environmental situation. They have everything they need to handle that."

Chief Hannan says he believes his fire fighters are ready to handle the DNC.

"What we're responsible for - we're on. There are a few things that cross my mind but I have a lot of confidence in my staff," says Hannan.

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