Bad week for business at Birkdale

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—it's been a bad week for business at Birkdale.  Twice in five days, a water main has broken, shutting down restaurants, boutiques and irritating nearby residents.  All this as crowds at Birkdale have been monstrously large since school let out.  We'll see how close they come to restoring service as promised later tonight.

Sad news out of Afghanistan—three Military Police officers, all from upstate South Carolina, were killed by a suicide bomber.  Their unit was just two months from returning home.

Another historic low for mortgage rates, but Wall Street wasn't impressed.  The Dow Jones lost nearly 251 points which is the second worst drop all year.

A bombshell dropped in the Jerry Sandusky trial.  Sandusky's adopted son now says his father molested him.  But that admission will never be told to the jury.  Inside word is the prosecution had the son ready as a rebuttal witness had Jerry Sandusky taken the stand in his own defense.

This is unbelievable—a hiker falls 800 feet of Mount Hood in Oregon, and lives.

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