Minority businesses want specifics on DNCC contracts awarded

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Carolina Regional Minority Partnership Coalition (CRMPC) is meeting Monday night in West Charlotte to discuss frustration over what it calls a "lack of transparency" from the DNCC.

According to a letter from CRMPC, Democratic National Convention officials have failed to release specific, detailed information on how many minority-owned businesses have been awarded contracts for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Colette Forrest is the co-chair of CRMPC. She said the group got off to a great start in its dealings with the DNCC, but communication has largely dropped off since March.

"It's just business as usual," said Forrest. "It's just a different entity that we're dealing with. As African Americans and as minorities, we talk about the good old boy network. We recognize that it exists, and unfortunately it seems like the DNC is a participant of it as well," she said.

The CRMPC says it has repeatedly asked the DNCC to place a dollar amount or estimate on how much money it plans to spend on minority-owned businesses.  It has also asked for names and numbers of minority-owned businesses that have already been awarded contracts. The CRMPC says it has received no specific answers.

In response to the CRMPC's complaints, the DNCC issued the following statement:

The DNCC is proud of our commitment – one that we made from day one - to increase diverse business participation in our convention.   We are well on our way to meeting our unprecedented goal of spending at least one third of our funding on contracts and projects with Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, Veteran-Owned Businesses, Disability-Owned Businesses and LGBT-Owned Businesses. 

This policy is in addition to many practices the DNCC has put in place to encourage participation by diverse businesses, including a vendor directory, regional outreach and integrated efforts towards diverse spending. - DNCC Chief of Staff Travis Dredd

The DNCC has made several announcements regarding major contracts awarded. To view those announcements and view calls for other contractors, click here.

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