Another case of rabies means you need to be careful!

Good Tuesday afternoon, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom with some of the stories we're working on for you at five.

Second case of rabies in two weeks, how do you keep your family safe?  A rabid raccoon was killed by a family dog in north Charlotte.  This is the second confirmed case of rabies recently in the Charlotte area.  Our Sarah Batista found this could signal a rise in cases across the Carolinas, she'll tell us why at 5:00pm.  And we've got some important information on how to protect your family.

No budget could mean the end to some projects for the city of Charlotte.  Last night the Charlotte city council tossed out the proposed budget.   We've discovered funding for some projects could be pulled.  We're digging into the issue and finding out how this might impact the services your family depends on.

You bumpy trip to work, just got a whole lot smoother!  You came to us with your concerns about a serious dip in a major road, many feared it could cause damage to their cars.  We took your complaints to the DOT – and now it's See Click FIXED. Details at five!

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