Police pull in behind a car not realizing it had just been stolen

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A police cruiser pulled up behind a car on the freeway, the officer didn't realize the sedan had just been involved in a carjacking.

It's one of the most terrifying crimes that can happen to a person.

You're walking to your car, then suddenly, you're starring down the barrel of a gun.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said around 1am Monday, a man was walking through a parking lot near the Bojangle's restaurant on North Tryon Street.

Two men came up behind him and pulled a gun.

The suspects demanded the victim's keys, and took off in the now stolen car. There are no reported injuries to the victim.

The late model Caprice with large rims hit I-85, and began traveling southbound.

A police cruiser coming back from a recent call pulled up behind the car less than two minutes after the crime, but the theft was so new, the officer inside didn't realize the car was involved in the carjacking.

Police said the officer thought the car looked out of place, and ran the plates, that's when he saw the car was just stolen.

Police hit the blue lights, and the suspects in the Caprice hit the gas. Officers said the sedan lead them through the streets of Charlotte at over seventy miles an hour trying to get away.

At one point, the car was on West Boulevard near Billy Graham, when the driver decided to dump the vehicle and make a run for it.

The passenger was arrested on the scene, but the driver hit the nearby woods and disappeared.

State Troopers seen with high-powered weapons joined in the search along with two CMPD canine teams, but it appears the second suspect was able to get away.

The passenger was taken in for questioning. There's no word right now on what charges he may face. A gun was recovered in the vehicle.

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