Calls To Move Convention After Vote

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00PM—will the Democrats move their convention now that voters in North Carolina have reaffirmed a ban on gay marriage?  Our Melissa Hankins is looking into the calls from activists to make a change.

We're hearing from CMS teachers who say the school board dropped the ball when they asked the county commission for teacher raise money.  They say they're chronically unpaid and have gone four years without a raise.

In my Crimestoppers report tonight, there's $20,000 at stake if you know the man who shot an armored car guard and stole a bag of cash.  I'll tell you what new information police have learned about the crime and update you on the woman who was shot.

Is it possible that a pill can stop the spread of HIV infection?  Our consumer reporter has the story of an old drug that has found a new purpose.

Plus, did you ever think you'd see the Price of Wales doing a TV weathercast?  You'll see it at 5:00PM.

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