Garden parkway future may be connected to Union County

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)-When it comes to the Garden Parkway, there isn't a shortage of emotion, and now the stakes may be raised slightly higher since a similar toll road project in nearby Union County is stalled.

A federal court has put the project on hold.

Bill Toole is an environmental lawyer who assisted in the Monroe Bypass lawsuit.

"What we're saying to the Army Corp of engineers is look very very carefully at the data. There are a lot of inconsistencies," he said.

Toole lives in Gaston County, and is opposed to the Garden Parkway, and feels decision makers will see the same flawed data as it relates to wetlands, open waters and streams.

However supporters of the toll road like County Commission Chair Donnie Loftis  is hopeful the road plan will bring new jobs.

He said,  "This is a vital economic development tool for our county for the next 20 to 40 years, and without this road transportation needs in our county will come to a stop."

Those firmly against it feel like Bill Toole feel they now have new ammo to fight their battle.

" If the Army Corp of engineers  and the department of water quality need to look very carefully at the permit applications, "he said." If they issue the permits based upon this flawed information that's now been set up the turnpike authority. Katie bar the door. Its gonna be a issue.

Toole and opponents aren't ruling out the possibility of a law suit.

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