Lawyer for Trayvon's family speaks about the investigation

CHARLOTTE, NC/BOSTON, MA (WBTV) – The lawyer for the family of Trayvon Martin spoke extensively Saturday in an exclusive interview with the board of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). WBTV's Dedrick Russell is the Region III Director for the NABJ. He was in Boston Saturday and took part in the interview via Skype.

Daryl Parks is one of the lead attorneys for the Martin family. He says the family met with the Florida State Attorney's office and the Department of Justice. Both are agencies involved in the investigation into Trayvon's death. The family expects to know early next week how long the investigation will take.  Parks told the NABJ the family is encouraged by the investigations and believes justice will prevail.

Parks also said he believes there is not enough evidence to charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime, but he does believe the state will find enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman.

Trayvon's family plans to file a civil lawsuit against Zimmerman and the Homeowner's Association. Parks told the NABJ he has information to show the HOA told residents how to handle any problems within the neighborhood – that was to call police first and Zimmerman next. The question then is - did the HOA deputize Zimmerman to protect the community?

Parks said Trayvon's parents will be in Washington, DC Tuesday for a briefing on hate crimes on Capitol Hill. Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is hosting the family. She wants the federal government to put pressure on the agencies involved to resolve the case and arrest Zimmerman.

The lawyer said the Florida department of law enforcement knows where Zimmerman is located, but he said they are not offering him protection at this time.

Trayvon's girlfriend has not yet talked to police about her last conversation with Trayvon, according to Parks, but he believes that will happen soon.

Oprah has reached out to Trayvon's family.  No word yet if they plan to interview with her.

WBTV will continue to follow developments in this investigation.

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