New technology claims to freeze fat away

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Cool Sculpting technique is quite popular at Charlotte Skin and Laser. The procedure claims to remove unwanted fat by freezing fat cells.

Dr. Elizabeth Rostan says it works, and without the worry of an invasive procedure."Fat is more susceptible to injury than your muscle, or skin or tissue so we can do this safely," said Dr. Rostan.

The technique uses a vacuum suction cup to gently pull areas of fat between two plates that freeze the fat cells and ultimately cause them to die and be sent out of the body as waste. Dr. Rostan says the procedure typically takes only one treatment per area, but up to 90 days for the full effects to be visible.

Patient Holly Liakakos says she used the procedure to get rid of what she calls her "muffin top". Liakakos says she works out religiously but has small areas of fat around her waist that won't go away.

Dr. Rostan says Cool Sculpting is the ticket to getting rid of "muffin tops", but cautions, it can come back if proper diet and exercise isn't followed.

The procedure runs from about $700 to $1,400 per area of treatment.