Norovirus hiding spots: Dirtiest places in your home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Norovirus outbreak that is sweeping across the country is in our own area. Nursing homes in Mecklenburg and Catawba Counties have seen many cases of the stomach wrenching virus.

We found, cleanliness is the key to keeping the virus at bay. And there are some places we found that you just might not ever think of. lists some of the dirty hiding places in your home. The toilet bowl is a well known breeding ground for germs. But most people don't ever think to clean the toilet paper holder. That place can catch germs sprayed each time the toilet flushes.

Also, clean under bath mats and rugs. Most people clean floors but might not think of the rugs that can hide dirt underneath them.

Credit cards and cell phones, those are some serious breeding grounds for nasty bugs because of how much contact they have with your hands.

The North Carolina Department of public health says only a bleach based solution will kill the virus when it comes to cleaning surfaces. The Department also reminds people that thorough hand washing is key to keeping the virus from spreading through bodily contact with surfaces.

The virus usually runs its course in 2-3 days and can bring about severe vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Most severe cases come from the resulting dehydration.