See, Click, Fix UPDATE: Highway 74 sign correct? Or confusing?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Say you're traveling through Charlotte from Lincolnton to Albemarle, for a portion of the trip you would be traveling on Independence Boulevard or Highway 74.

There's a particular spot on Independence Boulevard, around the Hawthorne Lane overpass, which is both Highway 74 and NC 27.

Jacky on our See, Click, Fix page writes,"There is a U.S. 74 marker standing alone with no NC 27 marker beside it. This is confusing to drivers following the route of NC 27... They see the 74 marker standing all alone and then they panic...and get lost."

We found that lone U.S. 74 marker after following the NC 27 signs from the 7th street ramp, which would give you the indication after passing the sign you are on both highways.

So why does it only say you're on Highway 74? Is it correct? Or does NC 27 signage need to be erected in the same spot?

WBTV's Christine Nelson called her contact over at the North Carolina Department of Transportation. State officials are sending a traffic engineer to the scene for us, the exact person who could give us some direction!

UPDATE: NCDOT traffic engineers reviewed the case. On Wednesday, February 15, crews added an N.C. 27 sign with the Highway 74 sign.

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