Monday at 11pm: The DNA Diet

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Admit it, when you hear about the latest diet craze your ears perk up a little bit.  We all want to know if the miracle weight loss plan has been invented.

Pulkit Sang, who lives in south Charlotte, thinks he has found it.  It is a diet plan his parents told him about.  Now this Charlotte twenty-something says his life has changed.

"This has worked for me, I absolutely know it can change other people's lives," Sang said.

He says he now chooses what he eats and how he exercises based on what his DNA tells him to do.

Monday night at 11pm on WBTV we investigate the DNA Diet that Sang says worked so well for him.  We put it to the test and hear why a local weight loss expert says this diet may or may not be a gimmick.

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