NC man shoots teen daughter's laptop after seeing her Facebook posts

Published: Feb. 10, 2012 at 3:45 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM EDT
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ALBEMARLE, NC (WBTV) - An Albemarle man is getting big views on YouTube after he posted an eight-minute video that includes him shooting his daughter's laptop after finding posts that his daughter put on Facebook about her parents.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday, has gone viral and already has nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube.

The man, who identifies himself as Tommy Jordan, recorded the video on Tuesday.

He says he posted the video for his daughter Hannah and all of her friends who enjoyed her "rebellious post."

WEB EXTRA: Click here to watch the video (Warning: Foul language in video)

"For all you parents out there who think your kids don't post bad things on Facebook, well, I wanna read you one I took off my daughter's Facebook wall," he said in the video. "She thought she was being smart, by blocking her parents from being able to see it."

After he started talking about the video, he read a letter to his daughter.

"Hannah, you were grounded for about three months for doing something very similar to this and I would have thought with a father that worked in IT for a living that you'd have better sense than to do it again," he read in the video.

He says that he spent about six hours on Monday fixing his daughter's computer and updating it, spending nearly $130 in new software for her computer. That's when he says he ran across the post on her Facebook page.

He said that since she wanted to hide the post, he was going to share it with everyone.  The post is entitled "To my parents," Jordan said.

Raw Video: Dad shoots daughter's laptop (swearing edited out version)

"To my parents: I'm not your damn slave. It's not my responsibility to clean up your [expletive]. We have a cleaning lady for a reason. Her name is Linda, not Hannah," he read from his daughter's Facebook page. "If you want coffee, get off your [expletive] and get it yourself. If you want a garden, shovel the fertilizer yourself, don't sit back on your [expletive] and watch me do it. If you walk in the house and get mud all over the floor that I just cleaned, be my guest, but clean it up after you are done getting [expletive] everywhere. I'm tired of picking up after you. You tell me at least once a day to get a job."

"And I love this part," he retorted in the video.

"You could just pay me for all the [expletive] I do around the house," his daughter's Facebook post continued."

That portion of the post garnered reaction from Jordan.

"Seriously? Are you kidding me?" he asked in the video. "I'll get to that in a minute."

The post continued, "Every day when I get home from school, I have to do dishes, clean the counter tops, all the floors, make all the beds, do the laundry and get the trash. I'm not even going to mention all the work I do around your clinic. And if I don't do that every day, I get grounded. Do you know how hard it is to keep up with chores and schoolwork? It's freakin' crazy."

"I go to sleep every night at ten o'clock because I am too tired to stay up any longer and do anything else," Jordan continued reading from her post. "I have to get up at five in the morning, to get ready for school. On the weekends, I have to sleep with my door locked so my little brother won't come get me up at six."

Jordan responded,"That part is true."

"I'm tired of this [expletive].  Next time I have to pour a cup of coffee, I'm going to flip [expletive]," Hannah's post continued. "I have no idea how I have a life. I'm going to hate to see the day when you get too old to wipe your [expletive] and you call me, asking for help. I won't be there. Signed, Your Pissed Kid."

After a brief pause, Jordan then talked about a couple of the things in his daughter's post.

He said that "cleaning lady" was a friend that helped cleaned the house, as a favor, and that Hannah should never refer to her as a "cleaning lady" ever again.

"Pay you for the chores you... seriously?" he yelled at the camera. "Pay you for chores that your supposed to do around the house? You come home from school and you have a list of chores that are on the wall because you can't remember them if you don't. They are sweep the living room and kitchen floor, which total would take you about three minutes. If the countertops are dirty, wipe them down, which takes about a minute. If the dishwasher is full and has been run, empty it and put the dishes away, if it's not make sure all the glasses and stuff are in the dishwasher."

"If you have any laundry, of your own, do it," his video rant continued. "And if your bed is unmade, do it. You don't have to do my laundry, you don't have to make my bed, you don't have to make the guest bed. You have to make your own bed."

Jordan continued asking in the video if his daughter was serious about getting paid to do chores.

"You are 15, going on 16-years-old. You want things for your laptop, you want a new battery, you want a new cord, you want a new camera, you want a new phone, you want a new iPod, but you won't get off your lazy [expletive] to even look for a job," Jordan said. "The only job that you've applied to is the one that I made you apply to, because I got the application for you."

Jordan then crumpled up the paper he was holding and spouted out a list of things that he had done by his daughter's age, which included moving out, going to college, while attending high school, worked two jobs and was a volunteer fireman.

"Your responsibilities include waking up on time and getting on the bus," he ranted. "That's the end of your responsibilities each day. You don't have that hard of a life, but you're about to. I warned you months ago about what would happen if you did something like this on Facebook again. The last time you were grounded, and quite frankly I forgot now but it was fairly childish and stupid, we took away the computer and that kind of thing. No cell phone, no Facebook."

"I told you if it ever happened again, that it would be a lot worse. And I was really close that day to putting a bullet in your laptop."

Jordan said on the video that his daughter didn't have to worry about buying a new battery, laptop power cord or camera because she wouldn't be using any of them, until probably college.

"I don't know how to say how disappointed I am in you and how disrespectful you were to every single adult in your life," he said in the video. "You got it easy, way easy. It's about to get harder, it's about to get a whole lot harder. Today."

He then said that she may not see the video, but he was going to post it on her Facebook wall so that all of her friends that thought her post was "cool" could see what happens.

"And all the parents may get an idea to put a boot up their own kid's [expletive]," he said. "So I'm gonna put a stop to it and I'm gonna put a stop to it right now."

Jordan then stood up, showed Hannah's lap top laying on the ground, pulled out a .45 handgun and fired a shot into the computer.

"That was the first round," he said mentioning that he was using hollow-point round that Hannah was going to have to pay him back, at one-dollar a piece.

He then fired five additional shots. A seventh shot was fired for Hannah's mother and then he fired his two final rounds.

"Just for the record," he continued after shooting Hannah's laptop. "Whenever you are not grounded, whatever year that happens to be, you can have a new laptop when you buy a new laptop."

Jordan finished the video by saying "I hope you enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this. Have a good day, y'all!"

On Friday several Albemarle residents told WBTV what they thought of the video.

"I think maybe parents should go to a different level of punishing their children besides shooting a laptop, because he's lowering himself to her level." said Shandy Faggart.  "It is something, I think, for a country person to do, but around here, you don't lower yourself and do something like that with a gun to your child, and whoever taught her the language in the first place, you know..."

"That's not handling it in an adult, like adult way," Keandra Aguilar told WBTV.  "I think they should have sat down and had a father and daughter talk."

Jordan did not talk to the media, posting on Facebook that all of his comments would be made publicly through that forum.  He did post that he was allowing his daughter to talk to the Department of Social Services "so they too can be satisfied that I don't yell at her, beat her, traumatize her, lock her in a closet without food, deprive her of basic human rights, make her cut the grass with scissors, hunt for her meals in the wild with only a spork, or otherwise fail to provide for my daughter. She's great. She's strong. And apparently she's handling it better than some of you are."

He also claimed that he had spoken to investigators with the Albemarle Police Department and they had told him "from our entire department, kudos to you, sir."

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