Teens suspended after 'bullying' girl with noose at high school

Published: Jan. 11, 2012 at 5:13 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 10, 2012 at 5:13 PM EST
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Fred T. Foard High School (Source: Google)
Fred T. Foard High School (Source: Google)

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - Two Catawba County teenagers have been suspended from school after they reportedly 'bullied' a female student with a noose made from string on Monday.

According to Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid, the male student pulled the string out of a hoodie he was wearing and made a noose out of it at Fred T. Foard High School. He was reportedly playing around with the noose and then placed it in his pocket.

Sheriff Reid told WBTV the student later showed the noose to another male student.

Video of the incident shows the two freshmen coming out of the bathroom before the noose was shown to a female, African-American classmate, Superintendent Glenn Barger told WBTV on Wednesday.

Sheriff Reid says the second student reportedly said something like 'look what he made for you' to the female student, who is a friend of the two boys.

The video shows the boys then playing 'keep away' with the noose, Superintendent Barger says.  Sheriff Reid says one of the boys said 'You can't have this, I'm going to hang it up on my porch.' Barger says the video then shows the three students then walked to class together.

Reid says the female student then went to the principal's office. She spoke to a school official in the school resource officer's office. The resource officer was not in the office at the time.

The female student went home and told her parents about the incident and when asked what the resource officer was doing, she told them 'nothing,' Reid told WBTV.

The parents reportedly became angry about the incident and went to Foard High School on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the incident. Reid told WBTV that the parents met with the school's resource officer, principal and Superintendent Barger.

After the meeting, Sheriff Reid said the girl and her parents were satisfied with the investigation.

The female freshman told Barger and the Sheriff's office that she did not feel threatened during the incident, but she was offended.

The two male students have since been suspended from the school for bullying, Barger told WBTV. The suspension will be a four to ten day suspension, under the school's policy.

After viewing the video, two other students were also disciplined for "minor infractions" for their actions during the incident.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigations did look into the case on Wednesday morning, Sheriff Reid told WBTV, and determined that there were no Civil Rights violations in the incident.

No charges will be filed in the case, Reid told WBTV. The school is still investigating.

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