Restraining order obtained, dismissed year before couple's marriage, wife's death

The scene at the couple's home.
The scene at the couple's home.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The woman police said was killed by her husband at their West Charlotte home had previously obtained a restraining order against the man when the couple was still dating.

That order, however, was dismissed when both failed to appear for a March 2010 hearing on the matter.

"He kicked me, pushed my throat, and jabbed me in the eye," Catherine Ahern wrote on her application, according to court records obtained by WBTV.

A courthouse spokesperson said the judge, Lisa Bell, had no choice but to dismiss the order when neither showed up for the hearing.

The couple later married in 2011.

"It's never going to get better, it's always going to get worse and unfortunately this one turned out to be the worst," said Domestic Violence Advocacy Council member Gaylene Macuska said at a march for domestic violence victims Thursday.

One of Blakeney's closest friends, Anitra Richardson, attended the march and said she wished her friend would have sought more help. "One by one she dropped off all of her friends and I'm sure it wasn't by choice."

At the time of her death, Blakeney became the 68th person to die in domestic-violence related cases in North Carolina this year.

"Those of you who are in domestic violence situations just get away," Richardson said through tears, "all it took was 1 phone call to any of us, definitely me, I would have been there."

Brandon Blakeney, 34, who is featured on various YouTube videos and previously worked at a restaurant along North Davidson Street, has been charged in her murder.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police were called to the 2000 block of Pheasant Glen Road around 9:18 a.m. on Tuesday to check on the welfare of the people inside.

According to police, Brandon Blakeney greeted officers when they arrived at his home and he let them in to search for Catherine Blakeney.

Catherine, who had not been seen in weeks, was found dead in the home and Brandon was taken into custody, police said.

Brandon Blakeney has the persona of Brandon Beanz Blakeney on Facebook and various YouTube videos, a close friend confirmed to WBTV.

He works on an endeavor called SkyMind Entertainment and appears to promote a special entertainment feature called "The Platform."

His Facebook page shows him at the 2010 National Poetry Slam and his videos are called Rooftop Sessions -- an interview program that talks with various musical artists.

A person named Brandon Beanz Blakeney also wrote an essay on about the "Sanctity of Marriage" where he talked about the ups and downs of married life.

"Many of us have been exposed to, and taught various opinions about marriage, that we don't know which way to turn," the author wrote. "The (life my wife and I) were exposed to as children and young adults lead to us clashing, and bumping heads on numerous occasions. We both had serious trust issues!"

Several neighbors told WBTV that the couple lived at the home and that police were called on a regular basis due to the couple fighting.

WBTV checked court records and found charges against Brandon of assault on a female and resisting arrest, both related to Catherine, whose maiden name is Catherine Elizabeth Ahern.

In mid-December 2010 police came to home on Pheasant Glen Rd and Blakeney charged out the door at police, documents say. His wife and sister initially called cops saying he threw an ironing board down the stairs and was yelling and cursing, police say.

In that incident, he refused arrest and was tackled to the ground by police, police say.

Blakeney is due in court January 11.

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