NASCAR teams brace for layoffs

CONCORD - Just three days after one of the most thrilling championship finishes in its history, NASCAR is bracing for bad news in the form of major job cuts, many coming from some of the sport's top teams.

Since 90% of those teams are located within an hour of Charlotte, these are job losses that hit close to home.

"There's a lot of uncertainty, everybody is on their toes, they don't know if they're going to have a job from one day to the next, everybody is waiting to see where the domino's fall."

That's the word from Casey Mahoney was caught up in lay-offs three times with NASCAR teams, now he's running his own business but still keeps in touch with his old friends.

Many of them are facing a winter of uncertainty when it comes to job security.

"It's not going to be good, it's already started, it started at Roush Fenway Racing on Tuesday and with some smaller teams," said NASCAR journalist Ryan McGee,

McGee covers NASCAR for ESPN the Magazine. Among the big losses, 100 jobs as Roush Fenway goes from four teams to three in Sprint Cup and pulls back on its Nationwide program, Kevin Harvick, Incorporated, closing down, and more than a dozen in the Joe Gibbs engine shop were let go this fall.

Unlike 2008, the layoffs are more piecemeal.

"A dozen people here, 30 people there, 15 people there," McGee added.

Casey Mahoney is concerned for his friends in racing, but grateful now to be on his own as the owner/operator of Rowan Onsite, a computer repair and sales firm in Salisbury.

"We're paying our bills, from what if you're doing that you're doing okay these days," Mahoney added.

Another significant loss could come with the Red Bull team.  The team even won the next to the last race, but the sponsor is going away.

The owner is trying to get something worked out, but as of now, that team's future isn't clear either.

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