Stalking, nude photos and court filings preceded 7 shootings, 4 deaths

Mary Ann Holder and her youngest son, Zachary, who died Tuesday. (Source: WRAL)
Mary Ann Holder and her youngest son, Zachary, who died Tuesday. (Source: WRAL)
Mary Ann Holder
Mary Ann Holder

GREENSBORO, NC (WBTV) - The shooting of 6 people – three fatally -- and the suicide of the woman suspected in those shootings has a trail of stalking, emails with naked photos and the threat of an alienation of affection lawsuit, according to  officials.

The lawsuit threat – and its settlement the day before the shootings – may be what drove Mary Ann Holder, 36, to shoot her ex-lover of nearly 3 years and 4 of her relatives on Sunday in Greensboro, officials say.

Four people are dead from the shootings, including Holder, two of  her sons and an 8-year-old niece. Holder's younger son Zachary Lee Smith, 14, died Tuesday morning.

Two of the survivors were shot in the head and remain in critical condition: Holder's nephew, Richard Brian Suttles, 17 and older son Dylan's girlfriend Makayla Leigh Woods, 15.

Holder and the man at the center of the affair – Randy Lamb – had been in a relationship since early 2008, according to court documents. Lamb, hit in the shoulder in the shootings, told a 911 operator that he was shot by "the woman that I'd been having an affair with."

Lamb's wife found out about the affair months ago and was threatening to file an "alienation of affection" lawsuit against Holder, officials say.

According to the sheriff's office, the Lambs and Holder reached an "out of court settlement" the day before the shooting. It's unclear what that settlement was, but Holder referred to a "new car that I pay for" in an earlier temporary restraining against the Lambs.

"This is a situation where we've got death, we've got drama," said sheriff BJ Barnes. "So there was an estranged relationship to say the least."

In February of this year, a restraining order was filed against Holder by Lamb's wife, the News & Record in Greensboro reported. In that document, Jennifer Lamb said Holder had been repeatedly calling, emailing and texting the family.

"Ms. Holder continues to call cell phones belonging to me, also called my home, sent text messages and email, including naked pictures of herself and follow me and my children," according to the restraining order," the court document said.

"If we go to the mall she shows up, movies and stores. She also moved her son to my son's school to be near my family and recently she tried to run me off the road and follow me down Elm Street," the restraining order said.

Holder countered with a restraining order against the Lambs this past summer, the News & Record reported.

In that document, she claimed Randy Lamb called her 100 times in a few days and drove by her house 10 times.

Holder also said Randy Lamb told her that he will stop his wife "from filing alienation of affection, but if not he is going to enjoy his new car that I pay for."

The Guilford County sheriff struggled to explain what lead up to the events of Sunday.

"This seems to be a situation where some things got out of hand, there've been some court actions that have been taken previous to this event and then it just seemed to get out of hand," said Sheriff BJ Barnes.

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