Campus safety questioned after shooting outside H.S. football game

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will discuss campus safety this week, after a teen was shot outside a football game Friday night.

MEDIC rushed Treshun Moore-Fields, 17, to the hospital just before 10 p.m. Friday. He was shot in the stomach and foot in the front parking lot of Garinger High School.

His family says his appendix was removed. They say he is getting better but doctors warn he is not out of the woods just yet.

"Inside my heart," Victim's Step-Father Yadon El said.  "I know he is coming home. He's making too much progress and he's a fighter. He's too stubborn to die."

Officers say he is not a student in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System.

Garinger had a home football game, but it continued uninterrupted because the shooting happened in the parking lot.

18-year-old Khairi Williams was arrested in connection with the shooting, charged with having a gun on school property. Investigators have not said he pulled the trigger and he has not been charged with the shooting.

The victim's family says Williams is friends with Moore-Fields.  They don't believe Williams had anything to do with the shooting.

"I feel in my heart it wasn't Khairi," the step father said.  "The guy was just in my house yesterday, and if I felt like he had done something like that to my son, he wouldn't be in my house."

Police don't think the suspect, who is still on the loose, and the victim knew each other.  El thinks gang violence triggered the shooting. The step father says his son was asked if he participated in words between possible gang members.

"Apparently my son said "Nah bruh", El said.  "They're talking to somebody else and then I don't know what transpired from that point, but then my son asked is there a problem and that's when the boy pulled the gun out and started shooting."

School leaders think it's time for everybody to step in and make things safer at the school.

"We got to get our PTA's involved," School Board member Joyce Waddell said.  "We just got to get the entire community around Garinger involved in helping with this problem."

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